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Christy Aikhorin (UnikBlends)

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With a background in project engineering management, Christy loves connecting ideas and collaborating with people such that sustainable realities are created. She has over 10 years’ international experience in developing, managing and directing projects for a broad range of industries and more recently, the fashion industry.

Christy’s passion for nature and sustainability, combined with her desire to contribute meaningfully led to the creation of ‘UnikBlends’ – A social innovative enterprise aimed at empowering women to be their authentic selves through sustainable style by providing: – 
–       Contemporary outfits from sustainably sourced fabrics
–       Repurposing and repair services to extend life of garments 
–       Upcycled accessories 
–       Zero-waste gift items

Name: Christy Aikhorin
Profession: Sustainability Champion, Speaker and Blogger
Company: UnikBlends
Address: Laan Van Nieuw Oosteinde 444, 2274GK Voorburg
Telephone: +31623106438
Email: info@unikblends.com
Website: www.unikblends.com
Blog: www.unikblends.com/blog

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