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Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy (Tupelo Translations)

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Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy is the owner of Tupelo Translations, an agency specialising in legal translations from Dutch to English and vice versa. Together with her network of fellow freelance translators and editors who are all native speakers, she takes care of all your legal translations, such as contracts, terms and conditions, and agreements. Furthermore, she is […]

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Désirée Siemerink-Looten (Looten Advocatuur & Mediation)

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I am a lawyer and mediator offering services to businesses, professionals and individuals. My focus is on preventing and effectively solving conflicts. In this process my clients’ interests are central. I specialise in cases involving 3rd party liability, damages or personal injury and health law, as well as juvenile and family law. As a mediator I call […]

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Bieneke Braat (Legaltree IT Law)

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Legaltree is a law firm consisting exclusively of experienced specialists. Each Legaltree lawyer is an entrepeneur. This significantly adds to the cooperation between the Legaltree partners and clients. A Legaltree partner delivers quality and is committed to personal contact and a pleasant way of working together. Bieneke Braat is a lawyer in the area of IT-Law, […]

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Inge Zweerts de Jong (ZJHT Risk and Insurance Specialists BV)

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My name is Inge Zweerts de Jong and I am an insurance consultant. When it becomes complicated I am at my best. My specialties are liability insurances for Foundations, Clubs and Companies as well as professional indemnity and director and officers liability. My office is also specialized in all kind of Art and personal insurance […]

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