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Johanne Bade (Fit & Fabulous Moms)

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Fit & Fabulous Moms supports moms of young children to be the best versions of themselves, starting NOW. In individual or small group tracks, you’ll get in the driver’s seat to achieve your personal health goals. And, we’ll have some fun along the way :)  Fit & Fabulous Moms also gives workshops and lectures focused […]

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Darina Veen-Kassova (Feng Shui Design)

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My name is Darina Veen-Kassova, I am an interior designer according to the Feng Shui Philosophy the Art of Placement. I am offering training courses, workshops, presentations and I provide individual consulting that teach you how to harmonize your home and office space in order to create more balance, harmony and wealth. The environment can […]

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Aleyda Santos (Jikiden reiki station)

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Aleyda’s passion for Reiki started 20 years ago. The extraordinary body-mind healing and transformation that she has experienced through her Reiki practice has motivated her to share her learnings. In 2004 Aleyda became teacher of the Usui Reiki System, also known as Western Reiki. Her multi-lingual communication skills, allowed her to plant the seed of […]

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Julie Jones (Essence Therapeutics)

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Essence Therapeutics, the sixth sense for functional skin care. “The state of the skin is the messenger of what happens in the rest of your body”, says Julie Jones, owner of Essence Therapeutics, based in a spacious loft in Voorburg. Originally from Canada, Julie is a graduate of the College of Remedial Massage and Physical […]

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Jet Sichterman (Embracing Horizons)

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Embracing Horizons helps international children thrive!  Founder of Embracing Horizons, Jet Sichterman, MSc child & adolescent psychologist, has made it her mission to help international children thrive and ensure that good quality information and mental health care is available to them and those who support them. For Children: – Social Skills 4 Kids groups – […]

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Ceci Wong (Chiropractie Noordzee)

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Chiropractie Noordzee (North Sea Chiropractic) is a chiropractic health and wellness practice that focuses on correcting problems arising from the spine, joints, nerves, muscles, and tendons in the body. Using a holistic approach to health and spinal care, we treat back and neck pain in a natural way to promote the self-healing ability of the […]

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Lamprini Kiosse (Lifekey)

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Lamprini Kiosse (MSc) is an occupational health psychologist and counsellor. She assists clients with work related issues. She coaches people in so called “reintegration programs”, helping them to get back to work after a long absence or to reorient themselves in the external market after transition. “I am a multilingual professional speaking 4 languages fluently […]

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Katherine Fortier (Child and Educational Psychologist)

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Katherine Fortier (BA Hon, MASc) is a child and educational psychologist who works with children and adolescents aged 4 through to 18, and their families. In addition to parent guidance and individual or family counselling, Katherine also works closely with all the local English-speaking international schools to provide psycho-educational assessments. Parenting seminars and courses are […]

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