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Audrey Dickinson (Fertility Specialist)

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Stemming from a functional medicine perspective, I educate people about nutritional science and the biochemical interactions between the food they eat and the nutritional value it provides to our body systems. I work directly with diagnostic laboratories to help investigate the underlying root cause of many inflammatory illnesses. I create manageable, realistic personalized nutrition plans […]

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Anna Molnár (Blossom Empowering Events)

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Anna Molnár is a Life Coach and Italianist, with an immense passion for languages and literature, a special analytic eye for complex situations and a huge drive to get the best out of people. “It is my mission to make curious people blossom again, so that they can turn the page of the next chapter […]

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Ingrid Frijlink (INGULAR)

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International Project Manager who successfully develops and implements projects across Europe. Mission: Helping further the business’ success of international companies and implement products and services across Europe. This is done by building and solidifying links between departments, companies and countries, using extensive Project Management skills across 4 languages. Name: Ingrid Frijlink Profession: International Project Manager […]

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Ugne Marchionno (Aim to WOW)

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Behind “Aim to WOW” stands Ugne Marchionno a Creative Growth Strategist specialised in Marketing and Social Media. It is the belief of taking the road in the middle where business goals meet with new technologies and analytics to ultimately satisfy consumer needs that guides the strategies of Aim to WOW. The fundamental idea is creating […]

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Jo Parfitt (Summertime Publishing)

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Jo is the author of 32 books and has worked as a journalist, writer, editor, publisher, writer’s mentor, speaker and teacher for several decades. She currently specialises in working 1 on 1 with new authors helping them every step of the way from brainwave to bookshelf. Summertime Publishing (Est. 1997) and its sister, Springtime Books […]

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Kalpee Howard (Living Well Unlocked)

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Kalpee Howard runs health and nutrition workshops for the community and the workplace. With her background as a former family doctor in the UK and  with added qualifications in evidence based nutrition whilst in NL, she is well equipped at sifting through the never ending headlines and getting to what’s really relevant on a variety […]

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Manuela Damant (Azkua)

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Azkua was born out of the urge to empower individuals and businesses. To help them embrace their uniqueness and (re)discover the joy of collaboration. And out of the desire to transform the way we work and live. The old concept of leadership is fading. It makes way for a collective, participative, and intimately personal kind […]

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Cigdem Guven (Crocusfield)

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Crocusfield is a graphic design studio based in Den Haag and specialised in branding, print design and illustration. It is founded by Cigdem Guven after working in several design studios and as a self-employed graphic designer in London and Istanbul. Cigdem finished Product Design master course at Accademia Italiana, Florence after graduating from Bilkent University, Department of Graphic Design. Cigdem is […]

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Eva Rogojan (Expatself)

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Expatself offers different types of courses tailored to the expats’ needs in the field of self-development and focuses on the development of practical skills. We partner with mainly local course providers and organize a variety of events to support the Dutchifying expat community. Name: Eva Rogojan Profession: Customer service/Process improvement/Self-development Company: Expatself Address: 200 Bargelaan, […]

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Julieta Timane (Workshopsforyou)

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Julieta Timane, MSc, CIPD HR Development, ICF Certified Career and Transition Coach is the founder of Workshopsforyou. Julieta has travelled widely during a successful international career in corporate human resources, and has been privileged to work for major global corporations. She has lived and worked in many countries including Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan – […]

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Aurélie Milhès (IKEA)

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Working for 14 years at IKEA, 9 in the food area, I am now for more than 3 years the food and beverages manager of IKEA Delft.  I lead the complete food department composed by swedish food market, bistro, bakery, restaurant, kitchen and coworker restaurant. My team is composed by 130 coworkers. My missions are […]

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