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Beatrice Betley (The Expat Weddingplanner)

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The Expat Weddingplanner is specialised in organising Weddings of International Couples.

From aiding in paperwork and speaking to authorities, to choosing the right venue, managing guest lists to organising catering, bands, flowers arrangements The Expat Weddingplanner is at your side.

Of course you can also hire us for the Wedding Design or Event Design only.

The Expat Weddingplanner is a proud member of EPIC (Event Planner International Collaborative).

Name: Beatrice Betley
Profession: Wedding and Event Design
Company: The Expat Weddingplanner
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 0640720283
Email: info@expatweddingplanner.eu
Website: www.expatweddingplanner.eu


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