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Corpo Natura is a site that brings you all natural and organic cosmetics from luxury brands from around the world. At Corpo Natura we believe that beauty comes from within, rather than something that is outside of us. We see beauty in nature and in the simplest things in life, and embrace natural beauty.

Corpo Natura carefully selects its brands from companies who have a clear ethical, social and environmental policy, and are truly committed to the purity of their ingredients, as well as giving back to the planet. We personally research all the ingredients to ensure only the best quality, because you deserve the best !

Anouk is an economist specialized in public policy with a successful career in her home country. After a health setback she started her own research on everything that got in touch with her body. She started to live a green life, and after moving to the Netherlands, she volunteered in an important European Non-Profit Organization, where she worked on chemicals and health to ensure a safe environment for mothers to be.

Corpo Natura is the ultimate result of her new vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Name: Anouk Domínguez
Profession: Economist
Company: Corpo Natura
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 06-4359-3556

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