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Annette Flottmann-Nilsson (aLive Life Coaching)

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Annette is a Life Coach and Philosopher with a professional background in consultancy and project management. She holds an MBA in Economics. As an expat, change and crisis management are her key expertise.

Her mission in coaching is to address the self-efficiency of the adult, empowering people to overcome self-sabotage. She works with individuals and professionals. Her horses support leadership development where needed. Reflections on the purpose in life releases potentials and energies which can be used to live a meaningful life. With her background in philosophy, Annette will challenge you and be a sparring partner to find answers to your questions.

She coaches in English, Dutch, German and Swedish and is available across The Netherlands.

Name: Annette Nilsson
Profession: Life Coach, Philosopher, Consultant
Company: aLive Life Coaching
Address: Laan van Koot 5, 2244 AS Wassenaar
Email: anilsson@alive-lifecoaching.com
Website: alive-lifecoaching.com
Blog: alive-lifecoaching.com/blog