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Anna Molnár (Blossom Empowering Events)

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Anna Molnár is a Life Coach and Italianist, with an immense passion for languages and literature, a special analytic eye for complex situations and a huge drive to get the best out of people. “It is my mission to make curious people blossom again, so that they can turn the page of the next chapter in their life in a meaningful way.”

Blossom Empowering Events, also known as Blossom, or simply BEE, offers life coaching and organizes workshops based on inspiring books, to enhance personal development of curious individuals.

Name: Anna Molnár
Profession: Italianist & Life Coach
Company: Blossom Empowering Events
Address: Bilthovenselaan 49, 2574 TG The Hague
Telephone: 06 2461 6616

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20% discount for all events & 1 on 1 coaching.

Blossom Empowering Events

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