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Aleyda Santos (Jikiden reiki station)

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Aleyda’s passion for Reiki started 20 years ago. The extraordinary body-mind healing and transformation that she has experienced through her Reiki practice has motivated her to share her learnings. In 2004 Aleyda became teacher of the Usui Reiki System, also known as Western Reiki.

Her multi-lingual communication skills, allowed her to plant the seed of Reiki on her journeys and she has initiated students in Ivory Coast, France, Belgium, Timor Leste, Colombia and Holland.
Since 2015, she is specialized in Japanese Reiki, applying the teaching and learning techniques taught by the founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho.
Reiki, a hand-on healing technique, is a natural way to transmit energy to the energy centers of our body. Reiki works holistically at the mental, emotional and physical level, as it stimulates the body to finds it balance and harmony.

Some of the reasons why you might consider Reiki are:

  •           To support the process of other therapies, such as coaching.
  •           To treat a chronic disease. 
  •           To recharge from life daily’s challenges.
  •           To reduce the need of pharmaceuticals and detoxifies naturally.
  •           To learn it for personal use and caring of family members.
  •           To learn the technique to develop the practice as a business.

Aleyda’s goal is to promote the practice of Jikiden Reiki while applying the following principle of Reiki:

Just for today be kind to others

So, come on and experience this holistic and natural approach to health!

Name: Aleyda Santos
Profession: Reiki teacher and practitioner

Industry Sector: Health, Wellbeing, Energy massage,

Company:  Jikiden Reiki Station
Address: C206, Anna Van Hannoverstraat 4, 2595 BJ Den Haag
Email: aleyda.santos@gmail.com
Website: http://jikidenreiki-station.com
Blog: http://jikidenreiki-station.com/

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