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Katharina Andrés
Charlene Lambert

Support Teams

In order to achieve our mission of empowering women entrepreneurs, we have identified six core areas of business:

  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Branding
  • SYOB Team
  • PDW Team
  • Sponsorship & Advertising
  • Connections & Engagement
  • New Business

Each focus area is led by members of the Executive Board with assistance from multiple Support Teams.

Currently, Dymphna Elsink from Jouw Assistente and Lisa Hall from Lemonberry are fulfilling the Office Manager role in a voluntary capacity.

Join a Support Team

Volunteering is a great way to expand your network and to build on your skills.  Are you interested in joining a team or assisting on an ad-hoc basis? Get in touch with a Board member and let us know.

WBII Support Team Members


Nira Satguru

Co-Chairs: Nira Satguru (Future of Learning) and Sophie Bonavero (Clever Clogs)
Financial Administration:
Lisa Hall (Lemonberry)


 Deborah-Valentine  Dymphna_Elsink 

Vassia Sarantopoulou (The Anti-Loneliness Project)

Office Administration: Dymphna Elsink (Dymphna Business Assistance)

Supporting Members: Deborah Valentine (a hand in The Hague)

Newsletter Committee: Deborah Valentine (a hand in The Hague)

       Mastermind Groups Coordinator: Dymphna Elsink (Dymphna Business Assistance)

Fair Coordinators: Darina Veen-Kassova (Feng Shui Design)     


          Sinead Hewson

         Natacha Villedieu-Silvestre (Optirisk Solutions) & Sinead Hewson (TpEBO)

PDW Team

         Teresa Moynihan  

       Teresa Moynihan ( Moynihan Consulting), Natacha Villedieu-Silvestre (Optirisk Solutions) &  Ute Limacher-Riebold    (Ute’s International Lounge).

Sponsorship & Advertising

 Charlene Lambert

Charlene Lambert (MLMC International Marketing)

Connections & Engagement

Julie Kennedy  Sinead Hewson  Charlene Lambert Nira Satguru    

Co-Chairs: Julie Kennedy (Kennedy Personal Coaching & Consulting) and Sophie Bonavero (Clever Clogs)

SYOB 2016 Committee: Sinead Hewson (TpEBO), Lisa Hall (Lemonberry), Julie Kennedy (Kennedy Personal Coaching

IWD 2017 Committee: Julie Kennedy (Kennedy Personal Coaching & Consulting) and Sophie Bonavero (Clever Clogs)

New Business

Charlene Lambert Akkie Okma Sinead Hewson  Nira Satguru

Chair: Charlene Lambert (MLMC International Marketing)

Supporting Members: Akkie Okma (Okma Advies), Sinead Hewson (TpEBO) and Nira Satguru (Future of Learning)