Ceci Wong

Highlights from the January WBII Executive Board Meeting

WBII Partners with WEF-EU 2017 WBII is delighted to partner with WEF-EU 2017 Forum to be held in The Hague January 27-28, 2017. The programme of the Forum is focusing on economic empowerment of women. It is quite fitting that WBII and WEF collaborate to make this event a great success. This high profile event […]

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Makeup and Health: The Hidden Truth

Let’s talk about makeup…. but let’s also talk about health. You will be surprised on how much these two things are interlinked nowadays. Have you ever wondered what are the long term effects of the skincare and makeup you are putting on your body? If not, you might be interested in finding out. Currently, there […]

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Annette Flottmann-Nilsson (aLive Life Coaching)

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Annette is a Life Coach and Philosopher with a professional background in consultancy and project management. She holds an MBA in Economics. As an expat, change and crisis management are her key expertise. Her mission in coaching is to address the self-efficiency of the adult, empowering people to overcome self-sabotage. She works with individuals and […]

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ICL Media Review (Haydee Dijkstal)

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ICL Media Review is a UK ‘Small Charity’ which provides a daily survey of international criminal law news and developments, and was founded in 2011 by Haydee Dijkstal, who currently acts as a Trustee on ICL Media Review’s charity board and is a contributing editor.   In addition to her work with ICL Media Review, […]

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Rocking the world of fashion, Katharina’s style by Deborah Valentine

So: what do you get when someone with tremendous passion, a scientific background and a charming nature are put together for a presentation about sustainable fashion? One rocking session which started a conversation many continue to be having. WBII member, Katharina Andrés, a Consultant for sustainable and healthy lifestyle, made it very clear from the […]

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Highlights from the December WBII Executive Board Meeting

As it was the last board meeting of the year, we used our time to reflect on the past and look to the future. Looking back: A review of events The board reviewed the success and financial impact of the events which were held this year: 9 networking events, 4 Professional Development Workshops, 2 Start […]

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Alma Imamovic-Ivanov

Alma Imamovic is owner of Alma Films and Videos. She is also a camera woman, editor and director. She has written scripts for and directed several short films, a music video, and a various other videos for different clients. She also worked as 1st Assistant Director on two short productions. Alma is also a member […]

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Highlights from November WBII Executive Board Meeting

Some highlights from our November Board Meeting include: Expanding the network. Building New Partnerships WBII partners with NVR, Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad Our Vice-president’s persistent efforts have paid off. WBII has become a member of NVR, Nederlandse Vrouwen Read, (Dutch Women’s Council) , a body that brings together some 50 different womens organisations from the Netherlands. […]

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Photobook about depression

The Prachtmens Foundation (Stichting Prachtmens) is working on a photoproject about depression since February 2016. They are making a photobook and exposition about 17 people that are suffering from depression. The goal is to get less stigma and more understanding about this disease. Prachtmens started a crowdfunding campagne, to get the finances for making the […]

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WBII joins the NVR – The Netherlands Women’s Council

Earlier this year, in an effort to reach out more into the community so that WBII could be more closely connected to Dutch organizations that support women’s entrepreneurship, Julie Kennedy and Charlene Lambert made contact with the NVR.  The NVR is the premier organization in The Netherlands that represents women’s issues to the Dutch government, […]

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Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy (Tupelo Translations)

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Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy is the owner of Tupelo Translations, an agency specialising in legal translations from Dutch to English and vice versa. Together with her network of fellow freelance translators and editors who are all native speakers, she takes care of all your legal translations, such as contracts, terms and conditions, and agreements. Furthermore, she is […]

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