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Outreach Egypt (Overseas Member)

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Outreach Egypt is founded by women social entrepreneurs. Outreach Egypt offers consultancy in social development, communication, awareness, and community engagement.


Business Details

Company Name: Outreach Egypt
Address: 49 Abo El Feda St. Zamalek, 11244 Cairo
Country: Egypt
Email: info@outreachegypt.com
Telephone: (+2) 02 273 64 222
Website: www.outreachegypt.com

Main Contact Person

Name: Dalia El Nazer
Profession: Business Development & Operations Director
Address: 49 Abo El Feda St. Zamalek, 11244 Cairo
Telephone: (+2) 01001334411
Email: delnazer@outreachegypt.com
Website: www.outreachegypt.com


Name: Safaa El Shafei
Position: Executive Director
Email: selshafei@outreachegypt.com
Telephone: (+2) 01001112245

Name: Heba El Rifai
Position: Managing Director
Email: helrifai@outreachegypt.com
Telephone: (+2) 01222268718


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