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About the WBII

Work, Meet, Succeed. Imagine the possibilities…

June Networking 2013At WBII, we believe in the impact of empowering women entrepreneurs. We meet to Learn, Engage, Support and Succeed.

The WBII is a diverse and dynamic Association of women entrepreneurs based in The Netherlands and is run by members for the members, with one paid part-time Office Manager.

Our community of entrepreneurial women together forms a network, which is an invaluable resource for small business owners, providing connections to other established business resources and networks.

Through active cooperation, both online and in-person, WBII members create a professional platform for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses, and to exchange knowledge and experience.

Additionally, the WBII also organises seminars, workshops and training programmes for starters, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their business to the next level. These events are open to everyone (men and women).

Expatica i am not a tourist fair

Since our founding on 8 March 2006, more than 500 women entrepreneurs have actively participated in, and benefited from, this initiative, creating as many jobs.

The WBII fills an important role in ensuring that women who may want to start a business have the information, training and networks they need to succeed.

Events and Opportunities

The WBII regularly offers a wide variety of opportunities where members can meet each other, exchange ideas, and improve their professional skills in order to make their business more successful.

WBII-Networking-November-2013-1The possibilities are nearly endless, and include monthly networking events with a speaker on a business-related topic, Professional Development workshops for members; Business Development workshops run by members for aspiring entrepreneurs; an Annual Dinner in March to commemorate International Women’s Day; “Mastermind Groups”, where members meet in smaller groups to share, assess, and exchange ideas; and participation in local fairs and events, such as the ‘I am not a Tourist Fair’ in Amsterdam, and the ‘Ondernemersplein’ in The Hague, generating business contacts and leads.

WBII Networking - August - The Perfect Elevator PitchThough we communicate in English, it is by no means a network exclusively for native English speakers. Our membership is truly international as well as Dutch, and currently includes women from over 25 countries, and from all walks of life.

Facilitating Success

The WBII aims to facilitate the success of women in any line of work, and from any and all backgrounds, in creating new business ventures, expanding small businesses, sparking new ideas and cooperation, increasing profitability, and expanding employment opportunities.

Start Your Own Business (SYOB)The WBII is a non-profit organisation, registered as a Dutch ‘Stichting’ (foundation), and relies on members’ contributions, the generosity of business sponsors, and fundraising initiatives, such as the calendar, for its existence and to offer programs and opportunities to our members. If you value our work, and want to be in touch with an active group of international entrepreneurial women, we invite you to consider becoming a sponsor.

41-WBII-IWD2013Please explore our website for information about our events, membership or sponsorship opportunities. A subscription to the monthly e-Newsletter is free, and open to all. You can register to receive the newsletter, here.

The WBII would like to thank all of our friends, sponsors, members (old and new), and families for their ongoing support. We look forward to continuing and expanding our amazing entrepreneurial network!