Akkie Okma
Kitty Duell
Anita Paalvast
Lisa Hall

“Ever been at a loss for words?” “Feel like you have been verbally ambushed?” “Stuck in an unsatisfactory pattern of interaction with a workmate?”

Boost your agility to handle difficult conversations at work. On 19 and 20 February Anita Paalvast, Aikido@Work, and Luke Archer, Betterfly, the author and creator of Verbal Aikido, will give a training Verbal Aikido together. You will learn to use empathy to disarm aggressiveness, a counter-intuitive and challenging concept that really pays off on your effectiveness and relationships.

Through a simple 3-step approach you will learn to detect when you feel attacked in communication. You will put in place a system that allows you to bring difficult conversations to a balanced outcome, both for you and your counterpart.

Moreover, with a few simple physical exercises you will gain insight in what difficult situations do to you, mentally, emotionally and physically. You will learn how to keep your inner calmness, so you can stay with your positive intention for the conversation and keep the balance in the relation.

More inner balance will find its way outward, so in the results of your communication!


You will have learned:

  • to detect when you feel attacked
  • a simple 3-step approach to transform negativity to a balanced outcome
  • how to keep or get back to your inner balance

You will have further developed:

  • your sense of self control
  • a balanced style of communication
  • the practice of deliberate intention in your conversations

For who?

This training is for everyone who wants to develop their professional communication style in an innovative way.

More information on Anita’s website: http://www.aikidoatwork.com/training_coaching.php/workshop

Link for further info: http://www.aikidoatwork.com/training_coaching.php/workshop

Author’s bio:

In 2009 Anita established Aikido@Work. She combines her experience in the Corporate World with years of experience and training on the Aikido floor. Her passion is based on her firm belief that the universal principles and philosophy behind Aikido have gifts and skills to offer to organisational contexts.

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